Thursday, May 17, 2012

Magic Sister Power Today

I'm in line in Kroger, talking on the phone to my sister Dora. She's actually the one doing the talking, doing her Wise Woman Talk: don't worry about pleasing everyone. You can't make everyone happy. Just do the next right, good thing.

When I hang up, I look at the woman behind me in line and say, "I love my sister." She chokes up. "Oh I love my sister too except she had an aneurism yesterday. She's ok now, she's home. Her husband took her to the hospital because she had such a bad headache. We think it's from flying all the time"

My stomach drops and I hug her and let her talk. I tell her I'll pray for her sisters healing. She thanks me and tells me more. They're keeping it from their mother because it's her birthday, but the mother knows anyway. "She called me last night and asked if everything with Kelly is OK because she had a feeling something was wrong."

I tell her simple things. Don't lie to your mother. Keep praying.

I leave and drive to the bank to meet my other sister Cheryl, who makes me laugh and then walks into the bank to do her business. I call Dora back to tell her about the woman I just spoke with in Kroger and am amazed (sort of) to see that sad sister enter into the bank behind Cheryl.

So I follow them both and introduce my new friend to my other sister, "See?" I tell her. "There are three of us Gholson sisters and you're today you're surrounded by Magic Sister Power and everything is going to be just fine."  We hold hands. She looks exhausted and thankful. When we go back outside, she drives by and rolls down her window to shout, "I just talked to her husband and she's doing fine. Her name is Kelly and thank you for your prayers." I love that.

Now Cheryl and I go into Bells Diner to eat spicy spicy Korean food.  After we order, three sisters come in with three babies-sleepy, blond cherubs about a year old.. They sit behind us and tell the waitress that the babies are triplets. One of the sisters had triplets and now they were all  taking them on an outing.

From behind my seat one baby places her pudgy, fresh arm near my neck. I turn to see her unblinking blue eyes.  Cheryl and I smile with her, whispering prayers across generations.

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  1. Beautiful story Charmie, it made me cry.